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Kitty ain't no pussy

and kitty'll fuck you up

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I've been a part of LiveJournal for a while. I was very active in my first couple of years here, I've been less so lately.

I love life, I enjoy living it. About everything else I could say about myself would boil down to that.
"Love is a full length mirror."-- Stephen Colbert

I like to make layouts. If you ask nicely, I might make one for you.

Layouts I've done:

I'll also make icons, and pretty much any other graphic art type thing.

I also moderate the following [active] communities:
houston_artists [created by me]
twileki_fetish [created by mental_ersoion]

And the following inactive communities [they need love]:
doodle_fucks [created by me]
photomanip [created by me]
60s music, a brave new world, abstract art, androgyny, angsty girl punk, antici...pation, art, artistic nudity, asexual starwars fandom, autumn, ayn rand, bdsm, bettie page, betty boop, black and white photography, black cats, boots, burlesque, c'est la vie, candles, cat macros, cats, charlotte brontë, coil, cuddles, daria, daxflame, daydreaming, debate, digital art, discussion, dorks, dreaming, dressing up, enchiladas, expanding my vocabulary, fahrenheit 451, fairuza balk, femininity, fiona apple, fishnet stockings, frank n furter, french music, gay rights, gender bending, history, hopless romantics, hot pink, houston, humour, individualism, intelligence, intelligent conversation, isaac asimov, janeane garofalo, jazz, jedi, john coltrane, john vanderslice, labradford, ladies, ladytron, le tigre, lips, lithium picnic, little nell, lolcats, love, magenta, makeup, making icons, maturity, mc escher, meowing, middle eastern music, minimalism, mocking right wing conservatives, moonlight, music, night, oddity, olives, painting, pajamas, patricia quinn, philosophy, photography, photomanipulation, photoshop, portishead, pouty lips, pretty boys, proper grammar, psychology, radiohead, rain, rainbows, reading as escapism, red aunts, red lipstick, rhps, rice radio, rocky horror picture show, romance, salvador dali, sarcasm, sexuality, shakespeare, sifl & olly, sigur ros, singing, skirts, sleater-kinney, smoking marijuana, snakes, sociology, something positive, spelling my interests correctly, sunshine, surrealism, the black widowers, the force, the foundation series, the gossip, tim curry, tom waits, transvestites, trees, twi'leks, v for vendetta, vibrating toothbrushes, villette, water, web design, webcomics, white wine, women, writing